A Brave New World Response Analysis

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Alexander Dinh Phil 101 T 6:30-9:30 Professor Blakey 24 Sept 2013 Brave New World Response Option I: In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World there are several ways that their world and todays world are similar. In the Brave New World citizens are assigned their social status and occupation. There are different classes in which the people are grouped, such as Alphas and Betas, a class that has higher levels of knowledge and better jobs. Below them are the Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons, which are the lowest of the classes. In our society we have upper, middle, and lower classes as well, where the alphas and betas of our world have higher levels of knowledge and better jobs as well. Like the society in Brave New World "Everyone works for every…show more content…
I am quite aware that there are many aspects of our life that the government is keeping from us. Things such as diseases that we don’t know about or even if there is life beyond us. For all we know there is an underground lab that has a database full of pass and present diseases that no one knows about. Fears such as Biological warfare or the impending doom of a nuclear war. In recent news the US Government has been questioned about the legality of their surveillance practices in the National Security Agency(NSA). This is proof that the government is indeed hiding certain aspects of our society. Our troubles in Syria are also proof that there are nuclear weapons that are indeed unknown to the rest of the world. Brave New World made me question a lot of aspects of the United States of America things like the War on drugs, why is that there is a war on drugs when the reason there are drugs are because of the government. Why is there countless evidence that the reason there are drugs such as cocaine, LSD, heroin, and speed? "Take a holiday from reality whenever you like, and come back without so much as a headache or a mythology."(Huxley 54)This quote made me feel that our government puts there drugs here to “condition” us in a way. These aspects of life seem to me like a way for the government to do things like population control and to get rid of lower class, by having drugs readily available for us the consumers. If the government were to advertise drugs I think it would go something similar to "A gramme is better than a damn.” (Huxley
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