A Book Review Of Outliers

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Book Title: Outliers The Story of Success. (Little, Brown and Company, 2008) Author: Malcolm Gladwell is an international best-selling author. He earned his degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Toronto. He is a staff writer for the New Yorker and was formerly a business and science reporter at the Washington Post. The author has written two best seller books namely the Tipping Point and Blink that sold millions of copies internationally. Short Summary and Idea of the Book: Gladwell defined Outlier as people who do not fit into our normal understanding of achievement. The author vividly explained the purpose of the book as he stated that “It's not enough to ask what successful people are like. It is only by asking where they are from that we can unravel the logic behind who succeeds and who doesn't.” He discusses as well how family, culture, and friendship each play a role in an individual's success, and he persistently asks whether successful people deserve the praise that we give them. The has two parts namely the “Opportunity” and “Legacy”: It deals with extraordinary people, particularly those who are smart, rich, and successful. It covers various known personalities such as the Beatles, Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates, and the theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer. Extended Summary: The book starts with Gladwell's research on why there’s uneven number of elite Canadian hockey players are born in the first few months of the calendar year. The answer, he points out, is that since youth hockey leagues determine eligibility by calendar year, children born on January 1 play in the same league as those born on December 31 in the same year. Because children born earlier in the year are bigger and maturer than their younger competitors, they are often identified as better athletes, leading

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