A Better Woman Essay

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Atarah Yisrael A Better Woman You’ll never know what a person is actually going through by just looking on the outside. There was this college football player I’d been dating from Jacksonville, Florida. He had left home for college in Orlando, this would be the beginning of his college senior year. On the outside, he seemed happy. It seemed as if he had everything he ever wanted, but the truth was he was actually struggling. He was homeless and had been sleeping inside of his 1999 Buick Lacrosse for two weeks. I had absolutely no idea. One night while talking on the phone he finally broke down and told me everything. It had upset me that he didn’t tell me what was going on sooner but he feared that if I knew the truth, I would no longer want to be involved with him. I was at a loss for words because I couldn’t possibly imagine being without a place to live. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like living in a car. I suggested that he go back home as soon as possible. He told me that he couldn’t go back. All he wanted to do was play football and get his degree. Nothing was going to stop him even if that meant being without a place to live. His experience changed my life by teaching me to become humble, more ambitious, and more compassionate. Today I’m a humble person. Growing up as the only child, my mom would give me anything I asked for. Even if she couldn’t afford it, she always made a way. I never knew the meaning of the word “no”. Being the only child and always getting spoiled forced me to become a very arrogant person. I always bragged and boasted about the things I had. Thinking I was better than other people. I never knew what it was actually like to go without something, or to have to share my things with someone else. Because of him I’m more appreciative of the things I have. I’m also learning how to budget and not spend money so carelessly. I

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