A Better Option for Abused Children Essay

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A Better Option for Abused Children The department of Child Welfare in California investigates thousands of children every year for abuse or neglect by their close family; when there is abuse or neglect, child protection agencies have the influence to remove children from their parents for a short term or, after and investigation, eliminate their legal rights altogether. Many times these children end up involved with the foster system for many years, but other times their abusive family gets a second opportunity in order to undo the harm previously done on their child, and they are given training, parenting lessons, emotional, and psychological support, which is monitored by the department of child welfare. Sadly, the truth is that once the family starts a cycle of mistreatment on their child, the abuse will go on unobserved for a long time; will not be noticed, but until the child ends up in an emergency room, pregnant, or dead. (Bass, Davis) Some people who are against the foster care system believe that many children who are now trapped in the foster care system would be better off if they have been left with their abusive families, while providing them with family reunification services and family therapy just to keep the family intact at any cost; they also believe that children who have been raised with foster families suffer traumatic experiences that affect them for the rest of their life. But there is another side to discuss, by personal experience; I support the removal of children from their home in order to protect them from further abuse. I am convinced that children have better opportunities if they are raised in foster homes than children who have been left with their heartless family. As Price, T states “There is not a surprise to find out how abused and mistreated children would defend and protect their parents. They are all these children know”.

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