A Barred Owl And The History Teacher Essay

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The direction and theme of "a barred owl" and "the history teacher", are quite similar, causing them to follow similar lines of diction. The titles of both of these poems speak of wisdom and knowledge of what has been. In each poem, the world around them is not necessarily friendly, and the characters are forced to watch carefully. The history teacher uses the rhyme scheme (aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff), while the owl uses the same exact rhyme scheme. in many ways these poems are similar, and very beautiful. In "A Barred Owl" and "The History Teacher", the two poets have similar meanings behind what their poems are saying, in that they both capture how a child's innocence is made by lies from adults. In "A Barred Owl", Richard Wilbur discusses how someone keeps the fears of life away from a child, for, "Words, which can make our terrors bravely clear, Can also thus domesticate a fear" (7-8). This is like "The History Teacher", by Billy Collins, because in the his poem, Collins introduces his interactions with the children with, "Trying to protect his students' innocence." (1). The lines in these two poems carry like meanings, because both speakers are attempting to avoid introducing fear and unsatisfaction in children. These poems create a different mood through rhyme and diction. "Or dreaming of some small thing in a claw, Borne up to…show more content…
In "A Barred Owl", the speaker uses words like "domesticate" when discussing terror, to bring the happenings of the poem closer to the reader's idea of home. Wilbur's writing is much more grotesque and uncut than Collins', in that his diction emphasizes phrases like, "eaten raw" (12), and "her darkened room" (2). In contrast, the diction in "The History Teacher" is centered around innocence and hope, creating a sense of security in the history teacher's lies. "took place in a garden" (11), and "white picket fences" (18), emphasize the speaker's sense of homely-ness and hope in

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