A Burglary Essay

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A soft click could be heard as Mary's father locked the house gate. The whole family was going on a bus trip to Chinatown to shop as Chinese New Year was coming. Mary was so ecstatic that she skipped gaily and her mother had to run after her to prevent her from skipping onto the road. Mary was just too elated that her heart skipped a beat and her eyes sparkled with joy. As soon as the coast was clear, a burglar wearing tattered clothes came out from his hiding place and used a crowbar to pry open the locked gate. When he saw a window opened, his lips curled into a wicked grin and he thought, "Ha! Ha! Lady Luck is on my side today!" Upon entering the house, he could not believe what he saw! There was a wad of crisp fifty-dollar notes on an oakwood table! This boosted up the burglar's excitement that he started ransacking the whole house hastily, grabbing all the valuables and jewellery, and placing them in a brown runny sack. Whenever a diamond or a piece of gold caught his eyes, he would let out a hoot of evil delight. Meanwhile, Mary realized that her bus card was left at home so the family had no choice but to go back home to get it. On reaching home, they were shocked to see the gate opened. To make matters worse, they saw a burglar in their house! Just seeing the skull-shaped tattoo on one of his arms made them panic-stricken. When they had regained composure, Mary's mother whipped out her mobile phone and dialled '999' while Mary and her father kept their eyes peeled on the burglar. When the burglar was done ransacking the house, he opened the door and to his horror, there were several policemen outside brandishing their guns and aiming them at him. In fact, the burglar was so shocked that he peed in his pants! He tried to make his escape but some burly policemen pinned him down to the ground. As the snapping sounds of the handcuffs

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