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• It is ironic that Athena is praying to the gods, because she is one and is fulfilling her own prayer. I guess she has to in order to stay disguised, so she puts courage into his mind. Later, she probably reveals her identity because people will be more willing to help Telemachos if he has a god helping him. • The heifer that they sacrificed shows that people are willing to kill innocent creatures in order to make their life better. The reason people make sacrifices is to please gods, right? Thus, the heifer was used to please the gods so that the people could be blessed. • Menelaos can talk for a long time! But we see, through his story, his loyalty to Odysseus and his determination to do all he can to help him. This shows a man’s loyalty can be so strong as to be willing to do almost anything to help that person. • Antinoos must not be thinking straight, because if he kills Telemachos, Penelope would definitely not be willing to marry him. Even if he has already given up on her, he is probably not considering what could happen to him in turn (karma), otherwise he would likely have no desire to kill. I believe he is driven by his anger at Penelope for having been deceived for so long. • Zeus seemed very willing to accept Athena’s suggestion, so he probably already was waiting to have Odysseus released. I think he might just be waiting for someone else to request it so that if Poseidon finds out, someone else will can blamed. • Though many myths tell of how Zeus is short-tempered and irritable, he is easily manipulated by Athena, who usually goes to him to ask for favors. This reminds me of how, in today’s society, fathers tend to bend to the will of their daughters more than mothers. Also, Zeus’ compassion is mostly shown when Athena is around. He probably favors her because she is known

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