911 Representation Essay

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English Extension One – Half Yearly Texts are a reflection of the shifting context and values of their time, retelling the period’s most important events and concepts. Francis Lawrence’s 2007 film, I Am Legend and Obama’s Victory Speech are seminal texts which demonstrate the era from 9/11 to Obama’s election’s ability to subvert social and cultural ideologies within their zeitgeist; reflecting the era’s strenuous times by illustrating notions of home and unity. Judith Greensburg notes the two most extreme feelings experienced throughout the dynamic time interval as, “the sense of dislocation and the celebration of unity”. Thus, I Am Legend and Obama’s Victory Speech are two texts which despite being divergent in both context and structure which offer responders a reflection of views and ideologies of the era. I Am Legend serves as a social commentary reflecting the shifting context and values of the 9/11 era through its depiction of home as a sanctuary and a safe place. The film makes allusions to the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, where people rushed to their homes to find a sense of safety in the flashbacks of people rioting towards the “safe zone”. Greenberg suggests that people found refuge in their home; the “unified house, body and community” to get through the period of chaos and emotional turbulence. This is exhibited through Neville’s repetition of, “we gotta go home”, intertwined with Neville’s urgent tone to emphasise the protective nature of the “private home”, according to Greensburg. High angle camera shots are utilised to reveal Neville vulnerability in a foetal position in the bathtub; symbolising a mother’s womb and its primal security. The body language and positioning reinforces the notion of the womb as a safe haven, and essentially a protective sanctuary from the danger associated with the outside world exemplifying Greenberg’s

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