9 Marks Of Methodist Mission Essay

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Name: Joy Sykes Module Number: THMN 1061 Module Name: Mission Title: An Analysis of the way in which the nine marks of mission are lived out in my attachment Church. Date: 14th November 2011 An Analysis of the way in which the nine marks of mission are lived out in my attachment Church. In recent times the Methodist Church has refocused on God’s mission in the world and has asked its Churches to do the same. In its document called ‘Our Mission in Britain’ it states; “We seek to encourage the members of the Methodist Church to develop an awareness of the various aspects of mission - and the approaches to exercising that mission today - by informing, motivating and challenging people to think about and participate in it.” [1] The Church that is used in this example is based in a village just outside of Durham in what is perceived as a wealthy area. It facilitates many types of worship but the main worship each week is contemporary in style attracting up to 150 people of all ages. It has a reasoned mission statement. It addresses the Methodist nine marks of mission with varying success. When examining the mission marks ‘ Telling the good news of Jesus Christ’ and ‘Calling people to faith in Jesus Christ and Christian Discipleship’ this Church preaches the word on a Sunday but also has midweek groups that discipleships people, the groups are aimed at specific ages i.e. women’s fellowship, cell groups, children and youth groups. Sunday services are led by circuit ministers and lay preachers. Church members are encouraged to join a midweek group at a time suitable to them. Much of this work is led by the membership of the Church. The Church only has one midweek worship service once a month and this is an issue that could be addressed to meet the needs of the membership and to help maximise the teaching of the good news of

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