9/11: Troops Need To Come Home From Iraq Essay

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Taylor Boland Willene Goodwin English 101 Rough Draft #1 4 April 2010 Argument Essay Some Americans feel that The United States’ troops should remain in Iraq because there is a moral obligation to help the Iraqis. But what they neglect to take into consideration is the discrepancy of the cost of war and the progress the United States has made. Going into Iraq, the troops had a mission to take out Saddam Hussein and to help the Iraqi government to rebuild itself. The citizens against ending the war are arguing that taking our troops out of Iraq so soon will defeat any purpose of us going there to begin with. Richard Reader, a former soldier, commented on this issue saying, If we pull out of Iraq, and bring all of the troops back home to the states or even deploy the majority of them elsewhere, then what is to stop the insurgent groups from then going out into all the areas which we have been covering pretty well and keeping a foothold on and then recruiting large numbers of other Iraqi's and setting up training camps all over that country? (Reader). The American troops are eventually going to come home and the war will have to end. An altercation between a group of insurgents called the Sunnis and Shiite’s will ultimately be beyond reach of the United States. So by keeping troops there for so long it seems unjustified. Author Robert Frank commented on ending the War in Iraq saying, “The Shiite's and Sunnis will have their civil war and eventual balance will be restored in Iraq. America's stay will only prolong the suffering. Today war continues in Iraq. Our boys continue to die and America's treasury continues to be depleted” (Frank). If the troops are pulled out slowly it will make a difference. President Barack Obama has said that he would put more troops in Afghanistan and would have the military end the war

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