9/11 The Falling Man Essay

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The Falling Man: Who was He? There are many images that we remember coming out of the attacks of 9/11. One of the most famous pictures to emerge was titled, “The Falling Man”. The image depicted a man jumping from one of the top floors of the world trade center to his death. This photo was one of thousands of pictures of what later would be called, “the jumpers”. These images became to represent the anguish and desperation of the victims of that day. The picture that has now been published all around the world started in a small towns and large cities alike. The backlash of the photo was unanimous. The picture horrified America and the rest of the world once they were able to view the photo. The photo brought out the fear of the day, which the world was not ready to face again. As the world absorbed the devastation that day and started being able to view the photos of the jumpers, many people started wondering who the people were. The world wanted to know who these lost souls were, that chose the leap to their deaths instead of stay inside the building. One man set out to find out just that. The man who took the famous picture, Associated Press photographer Richard Drew became haunted by the images he took but knew that these photos he had taken on September 11th were necessary. He knew these pictures told a story of that day that many could not understand. After Tom Junod saw these photos he began his journey by doing what many other Americans did after 9/11 in New York City (Junod 2009). He just wondered around the city just looking at missing photos that desperate families had posted in hopes that their loved one was seen alive somewhere. Drew would walk through the city for hours trying to match the photo he had taken to the family photos that covered every vertical space in the city. One day he came across a photo he believed matched the man he

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