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#3. Choose another group you think has been “effaced” in television advertising and programming- a racial, ethnic, or religious group, for instance. Write an essay detailing how and why that group is overlooked. How could representation of the group be incorporated into the media? What effects might such representation have? Towel Head The Muslim culture has been heavily effaced over the past few years. Since the tragic event of 9/11, the American society has been utterly heartbroken due to the amounts of pain and fear Osama Bin Laden has left in our country. The appalling actions of Bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda have tainted American’s views towards Muslim people because of their ethnicity and beliefs. Bin Laden has been on the loose since 9/11, and is constantly releasing horrid videos from caves…show more content…
Shortly after 9/11, Al-Qaeda was planning on hijacking another American airline. Richard Reid boarded the Boeing 767 of American Airlines with one thing in mind: blowing up the plane. However, his plan failed and eventually was subdued by other passengers. This attempt not only increased the hatred of Muslims for Americans, it also greatly decreased the sales in American airlines. Airlines spent fortunes to enhance security, in effort to eliminate all terrorist thoughts and possibilities. The movie United 93 released in 2006 was written and directed by Paul Greengrass. The intentions of the movie was to give the viewer an in-depth idea of what was really going on the day the United 93 flight crashed in the middle of a field in Pennsylvania. Towards the end of the film, you begin to understand the heroism that was in the flight, and how many innocent people died that day. It sickens Americans how a culture can do this to another. This film builds up even more anger than before, and many Americans will now aim their hatred and despise toward the Muslim

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