9-11 Racial Profiling

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9-11 Racial Profiling The Salem Witch trials are a well known case of persecuting the innocent. With little facts and lots of fear, the town of Salem executed 20 citizens for practicing witchcraft. And this entire story started with a few young girls, whose antics led to the jailing of three innocent women. It is a case of mass hysteria in many cases, but it also compares to current issues such as racial profiling. The initial case sparked many others, and witchcraft was seen everywhere, just as after 9-11, terrorists are seen everywhere. The act of racial profiling is just another type of witch trial, and it continues to this day. Racial profiling “refers to government activity directed at a suspect or group of suspects because of their race, whether intentional or because of the disproportionate numbers of contacts based upon other pre-textual reasons” (Siggins par. 8). Basically meaning that innocent, or possibly innocent people, are suspected solely on the basis of their race, due to previous issues with others of that heritage. It is a direct violation to the Fourth and fourteenth amendment, the first of which prevents unreasonable search, the later requiring all citizens be treated equal. And through the years, it has been deemed wrong, President Bush himself said “stereotyping certain races as having a greater propensity to commit crimes is absolutely prohibited”, yet none of the policies he introduced made this a law, they only addressed it as an issue (ACLU 2). The tragedy of September 11th is one that not many will forget, even I remember it clearly, though I was young at the time. Four planes took of that morning, heading for various destinations, and due to hijacking by an islamic grouped called al-Qaeda, two ended up taking down the world trades center, another crashed into the Pentagon, and one never reached its intended target (Lerner par. 1).

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