9/11 Conspiracy Essay

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4. Norad/FAA Non-Response; Severe Violations of Standard Operating Procedures - Standard operating procedures for air emergencies dictate that the FAA is required to alert the U.S. military immediately if a plane deviates from its flight path or if communication between the plane and controllers is blocked. - It is standard procedure for NORAD to scramble jets in order to intercept the aircraft and assess the situation. - According to the FAA manual, an aircraft emergency exists "when there is unexpected loss of radar contact and radio communication with any aircraft" - "Emergency Determinations: If... you are in doubt that a situation constitutes an emergency or potential emergency, handle it as though it were an emergency." - "The escort service will be requested by the FAA hijack coordinator by direct contact with the National Military Command Center (NMCC) - In the last 30 years there have been 682 terrorist hijackings involving major commercial airliners. - NORAD scrambled fighter jets 67 times to chase suspicious aircraft in the period between 9/2000-6/2001. - On 9/11, the standard operating procedures for dealing with a hijacking were deliberately, systematically, and criminally violated. The following times are based on the Official Norad Timeline 8:20 Transponder of Flt. 11 turned off 8:40 Norad notified of Flt. 11 hijacking by FAA 8:45 Flt. 11 crashes into WTC 1 8:46 Transponder of Flt. 175 turned off 8:46 NORAD orders 2 F-15's to scramble from Otis Air National Guard Base 8:52 F-15 fighters take off from Otis ANG Base (153 miles from WTC) 8:56 Transponder of Flt. 77 turned off 9:02 Flt. 175 crashes into WTC 2 (F-15's are 71 miles away) 9:24 NORAD notified of Flt. 77 hijacking 9:24 NORAD orders 2 F-16's to scramble from Langley AFB 9:30 F-16 fighters take off from Langley AFB (129 miles away from Pentagon) 9:38

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