9-11 Changed The World

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Did you know that on September 11, 2001 four passenger planes were hijacked by terrorists? This event is very significant to me for the following reasons, First, it was a very unexpected attack towards the U.S. Second, it killed approximately about 3,000 people. Lastly, it affected a variety amount of people mentally & emotionally. This attack was viewed by millions of people on live television. The attack was labeled "the most lethal terrorism in human experience." Also, 9-11 was by far the worst terrorist attack on American siol. This attack took a lot of planning, many say it was "strategically planned" meaning they had everything very organized & in order. Not only was it very well planned, also the terrorists had arranged for the planes to crash into specific locations such as: the Twin Towers, the White House, & the Pentagon building in D.C. Approximately 3,000 lives were sadly lost during this horrible attack. Not only did the people on the planes die, there also was many firemen & police men terribly lost. During the attack many people volunteered to help save some lives & lost theirs instead. Innocent children were brutally murdered & punished for a stupid war. Those people paid the price for other's crimes. Can you imagine the pain these people's families went through? Over 3,000 people died in this attack and over thousands of families lost their loved ones. Someone out there lost a mom, a father, a son, an aunt, an uncle, a brother, a sister, etc. Can you imagine how that would feel? It's was truly a devastating day for thousands out there. As I've said above, 9-11 was truly a devastating day for thousands of people & troops out there. It made an impact on many people's lives. It changed everything in the United States, from buisnesses to local markets. 9-11 also caused a lot of racism & hatred in the U.S. Its a date that changed history

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