9/11 Blame

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9/11 - who is to blame? On the 11th of September 2001 the worst chain of terrorist attacks occurred over the east coast of America. There is no question what happened on 9/11 atrocity, the question is who is to be held liable? The horrific attacks led to the deaths of 2,996 people, the majority of the deaths where down to the attacks on the world trade centre’s other deaths where down to one other flight hitting the pentagon, there was a further 96 killed when passengers attempted to re-gain control of the hijacked plane which resulted in a struggle leading to the plane plummeting into a field in Pennsylvania. All these civilians killed had families and friends who deserve to know what really happened on this tragic day not just for America…show more content…
The actual collapse was apparently due to such severe structural damage and the eventual snapping of support beams. Although…due to investigations carried out by many scientists and experts we now know that this is just not plausible. (A building made to be able to handle terrorist attacks and severe fire just gives way less than an hour after impact.) This makes me very suspicious. Once the first plane had struck the north tower there was obviously explosions in approximately 3 floors around the impact zone, but another explosion occurred almost 20 floors below…this explosion was nothing to do with the impact of the aircraft but something far more devious, explosives. I strongly believe the collapse of the twin towers of majorly aided by explosives and thermite. My conspiracy theorists sought the help of demolitions experts. Once analysed experts where positive that these 2 skyscrapers where not brought down by the initial attack but explosions that came parallel to the attack and post attack. After these explosions Thermite is clearly seen pouring from each corner of the building. Thermite is used in construction to weaken and dissolve metal structures, the report said that jet…show more content…
Why? Everyone asked, still no answer from the government, these beams are still kept under lock and key in a government building on Staten Island. Many scientists and documentarians have requested to examine the structures but no one’s outside of the government has been allowed access to the building which raises the question...what are they hiding? I believe crucial evidence which would indicate their involvement in the attacks. Finally, the Pentagon was also a ‘victim’ in these attacks; the Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States department of defence which you could imagine is a heavily guarded building. Armed with its own army regiment and ground to air defence system (missiles), the Pentagon was almost just almost in-penetrable. 125 people were killed during the pentagon attack, none of this is in question what is, is why did they not defend themselves? Maybe because they were aware of what was happening and they were not to react? Footage shows an air-borne object striking the side of the pentagon at 9.37am, the report claims this was flight American Airlines 77 if so why is there no evidence this was a passenger aircraft, no identifiable markings, symbols, flight code, all of these crucial markings are absent from the scene. Evidence point towards this being a military jet, drone or even a missile, footage shows the aircraft

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