9/11: Arguments Against The Use Of The Patriot Act

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September 11th 2001 is and always will be considered the most tragic day in our nation’s history. To avoid anything to this extent from ever happening again president George Bush signed the Patriot Act on October 26th 2001. Nothing is perfect, the Patriot act did undego some revisons but they were minor.This act allows the government to phone calls, emails, texting, medical records, or any other private conservations. These actions are taken to prevent another horrible act of terriosm from occuring. I am 100% for the patriot act, the U.S> didnt take precatutions and 9/11 happened. Once this act was issued we havent even had anything close to 9/11. Most of the terroists who caused 9/11 live in the United States. that means all their planning occured here, they dont all live in the same states so that implies most of their conversations were either phone calls or emails. With the patriot act government can prevent another diaster from happening because they can tap into provate phone calls. Imagine what our country would be like if government had simply listend or read an email about the plans of 9/11.…show more content…
The patriot act was considered unconstitutional and a huge invasion of privacy. Becuase the government has been able to listen into conversations they will alsways be one step ahead of terriosts by preventing acts of terroism from occuring. The patriot act did have to change many U.S. bills and they way the U.S. stops attacks from
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