9 11 Act Of War Essay

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February 21 Assignment Danielle M Brooks 1.) Why was 9/11 a crime and not an act of war? Use Timothy McVeigh and the attack on Pearl Harbor as examples. 2.) Should the U.S. torture terrorists and criminals? Use the torture of U.S. Soldiers in Vietnam as an example. 1.) On September 11, 2001 the United States was turned upside down. Around nine o’clock that Tuesday morning an American Airline’s plane crashed into the North Tower stunning people all over the world. While news coverage was unveiling the incident, moments later another plane operated by United Airlines crashed into the South Tower. As the day progressed, not only did both of the towers collapse, killing hundreds of people, two other planes went down as well, one…show more content…
The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States said the following: While by no means as threatening as Japan's act of war, the 9/11 attack was in some ways more devastating. It was carried out by a tiny group of people, not enough to man a full platoon. Measured on a governmental scale, the resources behind it were trivial. The group itself was dispatched by an organization based in one of the poorest, most remote, and least industrialized countries on earth. This organization recruited a mixture of young fanatics and highly educated zealots who could not find suitable places in their home societies or were driven from

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