9.04 American Earthquake Short Story

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It was 9:04 Am on November the 19th and I was sitting in my Earth science 11 block. We were talking about the composition of the asthenosphere when I suddenly heard what sounded to be the army driving tanks into Fraser Heights but from studying earthquakes already I knew that this was a earthquake. Suddenly the class room started shaking tremendously and things were falling off the walls and ceiling. The class took shelter beneath the desks. I could hear the glass fish tank fall to the ground and shatter glass everywhere. The clock ended up rolling right beside me and I could see that the quake lasted about 2 and a half minutes. I climbed out from underneath my desk to find everyone in the class had survived. Mr. Milross told us we should evacuate the school and all try to get in contact with our parents or a family member of some kind.…show more content…
I tried to call my mom and dad but the call wouldn’t go through so I called my cousin in Saskatchewan and told him about the earthquake and asked him to call my mom and let them know I would meet her at the

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