8th Impressionist Exhibition

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Sarah Allen To examine whether or not the exhibition of 1886 was in fact an end to impressionism it is helpful first to note a distinction between impressionism as a style and impressionism as a movement. 1886 may indeed have been marked as an end to impressionism as a dominant movement of allied artists at the time, however impressionism as a style which has a distinctive manner continued after 1886, albeit it mainly by the longstanding ‘true’ impressionists. New movements and artistic endeavors did start to surface after 1886. To say that the impressionist style had certain quintessential traits we would consider different factors such as the style, technique and subject matter of the artist as well as the meaning of their work. Taking these aspects into consideration clarifies the implications of the word ‘impressionism’. And we can then examine whether or not these traits became obsolete after 1886. When considering the demise of impressionism in 1886 one cannot overlook bold facts. Simply the reality that 1886 was the last exclusive impressionist exhibition as well as the fact that only half of the major impressionist artists submitted paintings supports the argument. Monet, along with Renoir did not participate likewise with Caillbotte, and Raffaëlli. Monet participated along with Renoir and Raffaëlli in Petit’s Exposotion Internationale. So the final exhibition saw the fervent impressionists pursuing different exhibitions, and later on even a return to the Salon in Monet’s case, saying it was the “high stakes he would play” for commercial reasons. Because so many of the original players were absconding the word ‘impressionist’ was again dropped from the title also Degas felt some of the new artists had little artistic affinity with the originals. The current
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