8th Grade Paul Revere's Ride Essay

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Alyssa Askins G Period In the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride”, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow shows three descriptions of boats that contribute to the story being told. Paul Revere and his friend were conspiring a plan to warn the people if the British were coming. Paul left “Then he said “Good night!” and with muffled oar. Silently rowed to the Charlestown Shore.” He sailed away in his small, weak rowboat. Paul’s rowboat is like the colonists. They are weak and they have lack of resources. Also, they have a lack of experience. So just like Paul’s rowboat, the small, weal colonists have no idea about the British. They’re Paul’s rowboat to “The Somerset, British man-of-war. A phantom ship with each mast and spar. Across the moon like a prison bar. And a huge black hulk that was magnified. By its own reflection in the tide.” The Somerset, and extremely large and powerful ship, similar to its passengers. Its phantomlike and extremely large appearance is intimidating, and shows the British have war experience. To Paul’s tiny rowboat, the Somerset stands tall and knows they are stronger and better than the Colonists. The Somerset does not stand alone in this unfair battle. “On a shadowy something far away. Where the river widens to meet the bay-. A line of black that bends and floats. On the rising tide like a bridge of boats.” The powerful British seem even more intimidating with their army of boats behind them. With a surplus of weapons the small rowboat Colonists shouldn’t have a chance. They are outnumbered in people and war experience. The British have so many weapons while the Colonists barely have anything. Paul is like the Colonists in his small rowboat while the British stand tall and strong like the Somerset. Henry Longfellow shows many important references to boats in the poem “Paul Revere’s

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