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I always carry a tie and dress up in a suit," said Professor Mehta, who was a visiting faculty at our college and was CEO of a pharmaceutical organisation in Maharashtra. He added, "When I am at work, I am always conscious that I represent my organisation." Dressing appropriately and observing professional etiquette are important, he said, and having been a part of the corporate world for many years now, I couldn't agree more. It may sound stuffy, but certain basic behaviour and etiquette is necessary and expected in a corporate environment. Here are some tips that might help you maintain a professional image and stay ahead in your career: About the writer: Parul Banka is a Human Resources and Training professional. 1. Dress appropriately Imagine walking into a supermarket where the sales people are shabbily dressed. Would you be willing to shop from there if you had the option of going to another store where you can get the required product/service and the staff is better dressed? In all probability, your answer will be no. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we act as brand ambassadors of our organisations, no matter at what level we are employed. As HR, I was often called in suddenly to participate in a discussion or deliver a client presentation. Had I not adhered to the dress code, I would have given a wrong impression to the client about the organisation. Things like excessive tattooing and piercing also send out a not very positive message to clients if the organisation is a conventional one. 2. Use office property sparingly Even if no one is checking, use office property for personal use sparingly. The phone on your desk is for official purposes and not for chatting with family and friends. 3. Mind your language It may be cool to use four-letter words with abandon but believe me, it's not the language of the corporate world. I have

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