786, Numerology in Islam

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786. A discussion about numerology in islam August 8, 2010 at 1:19am The relationship of Numerology to math is no more than what is between astrology and astronomy, it is also called pseudo math, good topic for fiction, intrigue, and is for inquisitive minds lacking the logic and experience (not trying to demean anyone, just my belief). Its like blinds trying to explain elephant while feeling only one part of it and addamant that THATS it. It has been present long before muslims, whole Jewish Kabbalah is based largely on it. it is present in all cultures and religions with a language and math , even in the languages without alphabets eg chinese. The believers of numerology forgets two basic facts, the alphabets in practically any language are evolved over time, and they dont have any divine origin,( as is the kabbalah belief), second is the belief that NUMBERS in math are universal language as is music. I will go with the math being the language of universe, where is, the alphabets being divine is totally absurd, (if its hard for you to believe, than you are wasting time in reading the rest of my response) Numbers originated as a mean to count and measure and as things get complex, ratios (mostly by persians in 8th centuary CE, though egyptians were good at it too) and fractions (most work in 12th centuary) were evolved ,dont forget that, currently, a vast part of math is NOT real numbers, it has irrational numbers(square root of 2,values that cannot be expressed as ratio or multiple eg square root),fibonacci's golden ratio 1:1.618,,imaginary numbers (-1), log numbers etc) ratios, fractions, infinity, bigger infinity etc. . The origin of math varied, different civilizations contributing to it, to its current form, and is still evolving as we learn from others (almost near demolition of british measures by metric system, except for some stupid nations still
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