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7302 City and Guilds 1) As a teacher my role in the classroom would be to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment. I would need to do this by following health and safety guidelines at all times and ensuring that I had done sufficient planning for my lessons taking into account my learners own abilities and possible problems that may occur. I would treat all members fairly, with respect and dignity. This may mean spending more time with individual learners and planning activities with sufficient resources to appeal to all abilities and learning styles. I would need to consider possible support that would be required in the classroom. I may do this by discussing any recurring issues with the learner such as tell tale Dyslexia traits and referring them on to the appropriate people. I would need to build a good, yet professional, rapport with my learners with built in trust. It is essential to have prior knowledge of your learners and take the time to work on their ILPs (individual learning plans). After the initial assessments, I would need to discuss with the group what they expected from me and what they expected from the course that I was delivering. This then would move on to me discussing what I expected from my group. Basic ground rules would need to be made; this can be done with the help of the group as they explain what they consider to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. These may include respecting each other and a few house rules such as littering, attendance and punctuality. I would need to set boundaries with my group. This may not be directly discussed but more encouraged through my own body language. I would wear appropriate dress for the session that I was teaching; this may mean smart/ casual dress for a literacy session or setting the example by wearing a jumper and waterproof boots if I was in gardening. I would try to keep a
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