7 Lines Essay

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Mo. Nature During a field trip for a Geology class, a student gets separated and lost in the forest. Rachel: Great! I know I shouldn’t have been blinded by those pretty flowers. Now I’m lost... *checks phone* … and I have no signal! How am I going to get back!? Things couldn’t possibly get any worse than this. Rachel hears thunder grumbling. Rain starts falling hard on the ground. She then hears someone familiar. Rachel is surprised to see her crush Jimmy. Jimmy: Aww, great. Now it’s raining… Rachel! There you are! Rachel: Jimmy! What are you doing here? Did you get lost too? Jimmy: What? No. Well, I was worried when you left the group all of a sudden so I followed you. I was sure I know how to get back earlier. Now, I think we’re lost. Rachel: Oh, wow, thanks. That’s really sweet of you. Rachel starts shivering from the cold rain. Jimmy: You look cold, here take my jacket. Let’s get to some shelter over there. I told Mr. Tanner I’ll be looking for you in this direction. He said they’ll be looking for us if I don’t come back with you in five minutes. We should just wait for them here. Mr. Tanner seems to know the forest well anyways. Jimmy and Rachel are huddled closely by the make shift shelter they found in the rain. Jimmy looks around hoping to hear their classmates to find them while Rachel sits there dreamily. Rachel: *whispers* Thank you mother
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