7 Eleven Essay

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Being a successful business owner takes tremendous amounts of skills and a strong support structure to achieve the success we all want when starting a business. The most important skill that I have is being able to speak to the public efficiently. This is a very important asset to starting a business, because with being the owner of the business, I’ll be speaking to a large number of people to sign on their product to my store and also hold meetings with my staff and speak with any customers that may have a problem. Another skill that I possess is the ability to problem solve in a quick, efficient way. This is also another major aspect of running a business smoothly, by being able to take care of issues that may arise in a quick, positive way. The ways that I’ll be have to use the problem solving skill is if any issues arise with the vendors that supply products to the store or if there’s an issue with an employee, I’ll be able to quickly solve it without interruption of the business. Last but not least, the skill of being able to sell product to people is also an important skill I have that will help run the business. Most customers that come into a store are there for a specific product and may not be interested in purchasing anything else. By starting a short conversation with the customer, I’d be able to make sure they have all the ingredients they need for making dinner for their family that night, which may result in reminding them of something they may have forgot. This saves the customer time from having to run back to a store to grab what she forgot and also gives us a better image to them. With starting a business, you also need to be interested in what you do because without it, you won’t love what you do and therefore are more likely to fail. I have a strong interest in running a business, specifically a grocery or gas station because it

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