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Ch 15 Exercise 1 Top 10 Franchises of 2014 No. | NAMES OF FRANCHISE | 1 | ANYTIME FITNESS | 2 | HAMPTON HOTELS | 3 | SUBWAY | 4 | SUPERCUTS | 5 | JIMMY JOHN’S GOURMET SANDWITCHES | 6 | 7 ELEVEN | 7 | SERVPRO | 8 | DENNY’S | 9 | PIZZA HUT | 10 | DUNKIN DONUTS | The company that I chose for research is 7-Eleven : 7-ELEVEN, INC. The Company 7-Eleven got its start in 1927 when an enterprising employee in a small ice storefront began offering milk, bread and eggs on Sundays and evenings when grocery stores were closed. This was the beginning of the convenience store industry as it is known today. Although 7-Eleven has grown to become the world’s largest convenience retailer, the company still bases its business success on being responsive to local community needs. For more than eight decades, the 7-Eleven name has been the pioneer in its trade, earning the title of world’s leading convenience store and being the only one of its kind to create iconic products such as the Slurpee beverage and Big Gulp drinks. Having a strong customer-centric focus, 7-Eleven saw new ways to grow through innovation, hitting new heights that continuously move the convenience store industry forward. As 7-Eleven’s popularity surged, the company embraced a new way to grow to meet the needs of its expanding customer base. 7-Eleven began franchising in 1964, creating a robust system that supported local business owners in communities across America. Eighty five years later, 7-Eleven has earned numerous titles and awards. Today, a new 7-Eleven store opens somewhere in the world approximately every three and a half hours, totaling a global reach of more than 51,200 stores. As much as 7-Eleven has changed, much has remained the same as it continues to proudly provide quality products and services to serve the everyday needs of customers across the globe. 7-Eleven,

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