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Introduction: 7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores, which operates under Seven-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd and owned by Seven & I Holdings Co. of Japan. Primarily it operates as a franchise and now is the world's largest operator, franchiser and licensor of convenience stores, with more than 39,000 outlets. 7-Eleven that outsells McDonald’s in fast food and also earned the number 2 positions in paperback sales and number 1 in ladies’ stockings and batteries sales. SEJ has revolutionized and dominated the industry with its expertise in POS data, logistics and merchandising. In Japan, Seven-Eleven operates or franchises approximately 6,900 Seven-Eleven stores with most of the stores located in North America. SEJ was established in November 1973 under licensing agreement between Ito-Yokado Co. Ltd. one of the Japan's leading supermarket chain, and The Southland Corporation that operates Seven-Eleven in United States. SEJ has maintained the top position in convenience stores in Japan for twenty years under the strong management of Mr. Suzuki, Chairman and CEO of SEJ. In 1997, SEJ's total sales were ¥1,609 billion with record net profits of ¥55.3.it also had the highest average sales per store per day among the three leading convenience store chains SEJ, Daiei Convenience Systems and Family-Mart. SEJ's commanding market position and outstanding performance has been largely due to its pioneering innovation in rationalizing Japan's convenience retail industry. The convenience store concept is brought to Japan by Southland Corporation, which provides SEJ with the necessary know-how to get started. However, SEJ's innovation in supply chain management soon placed it far ahead of Southland in both profitability and business process technology. 1.Discuss how SEJ successfully manage its operation globally. Seven Eleven Japan was established in

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