7.03 Fitness Lifestyle

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7.03 Fitness Lifestyle Final Review: Print this out and make notes on it to use during the final exam! Final Review FLD v7 You will have 3 hours to complete your final - you may not “click back” through the course, so make sure that you use this study guide wisely to help you with the test. The exam will consist of multiple choice, short answer questions and essay. There may be two answers for a given question. Things you will need to review 1) What makes up fitness? 2) Excuses for physical activity 3) Best time to exercise during the day 4) Body Fat Percentage 5) BMI 6) Stress (good and bad) 7) Guidelines for sleep 8) Creating goals 9) Brain Foods 10) Benefits of drinking water 11) Importance of Flexibility 12) Benefits of Cardiovascular…show more content…
You must follow these instructions carefully to earn full points on the essay- there is one that is worth 64 or 65 points!! For it be sure to answer the scenario by setting up the workout plan and nutrition plan for a week. 1. Develop a daily menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks) for the scenario for seven days. Be sure to consider the lifestyle described in the scenario when designing meals. . Use the food pyramid to nutritionally balance the menu. . Include between-meal snacks . Include some serving sizes 2. Set maximum amounts for daily calories and fat consumed (review lessons 4.08 & 6.07). 3. Design a one week exercise program for the scenario. Remember to consider the time you have and resources it will require. Your workout plan should include following: . warming up . flexibility (including a stretch of each major muscle group) . cardio, with exercise(s) and times . strength, with exercises and numbers of sets and
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