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Part 1 (25 points) Determine your basal caloric requirements using the BMR calculator. Gender: Female Height: 5 ft 5 in Weight: 145 lbs Age: 17 1. Basal Caloric Requirement= 1503.7 (5 pts) 2. What does the Basal Metabolic Rate represent? (10 pts) BMR is the calories your body needs just to function. 3. What is the importance of calculating your BMR? (10 pts) The importance of calculating your BMR is it helps you maintain normal body temperature and allows for the body to function properly with a balance of what you eat (caloric input) against what the body uses (caloric output). Part 2 (75 points) Determine your caloric output for your daily activities. Use the Calorie Organizational Chart to determine your activities, see link.…show more content…
We have filled in three one hour blocks just as an example. Once you have completed the chart, use the Caloric Activity Calculator to determine your caloric requirements for this 24 hour period. Time of Day|Activities and amount of time for each – 
List all that you would do in each one hour block of time. 
Your total activity time for each block should be one hour. If it isn't an hour, then either expand your activities list for that hour or increase your estimated times for each. Remember to complete the entire chart for a full 24 hour period. |Calories Burned| 12:00|sleep (1 hr)|84…show more content…
1:00 AM|sleep (1 hr)|84 calories| 2:00 AM|sleep (1 hr)|84 calories| 3:00 AM|sleep (1 hr)|84 calories| 4:00 AM|sleep (1 hr)|84 calories| 5:00 AM|sleep (1 hr)|84 calories| 6:00 AM|Sleep (20 mins) Make breakfast (10 mins), Shower and brush teeth (10 mins), get dressed (10 mins) apply make up (5 mins), get lunch together (5 mins)|28+ 20+ 28+ 41+ 17| 7:00 AM| Drive to school (15 mins) Walk to class (5 mins) Sit in class (40 mins)|41+ 20+ 80| 8:00 AM| Sit in class (20 mins) Walk to other class (5 mins) Sit in second class (35 mins)|40+20+70| 9:00 AM| Sit in class (25 mins) Walk to other class (5 mins) Sit in third class (30 mins)|50+20+60| 10:00 AM| Sit in class (30 mins) Walk to other class (5 mins) Go to lunch (25 mins)|60+20+120| 11:00 AM| Still in lunch (10 mins) Go to fourth class (5 mins) Sit in class (45 mins)|70+20+45| 12:00 Noon| Sit in class (10 mins) Walk to fifth class (5 mins) Sit in fifth class (45 mins)|20+20+90| 1:00 PM|Sit in fifth class (15 mins) Walk to car (5 mins) Drive home (15 mins) Clean Room at Home (25 mins)|30+20+41+ 110| 2:00 PM| Do Homework/ study (1 hr)|140| 3:00 PM| Prepare after-school snack (30 mins) Do homework (30 mins|110+ 70

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