6th Grade Paper George Washington Carver

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George Washington Carver was a very intelligent boy and as he grew he became to be a very intelligent man. George was born in Missouri. His mother and father were slaves, his father died before he was born. His mother and him were kidnapped. Only George returned to the plantation. When George was a baby he had a disease that was called whooping cough. A whooping cough is a really bad cough which left George very, very sickly and weak. George couldn’t do what all the other slaves could do. George’s jobs were things like sewing, cooking, and although he couldn’t do what all the other slaves could do he loved to work in the garden. George taught his self how to read. his family was so poor he couldn’t afford a whole pencil, so George used a ¼ inch pencil, and made him self a holder. When George was 12 years of age he wanted to get an education so he left to go to a black school. There was only 1 teacher, 75 children, and a small room. While the other children went out to recess George would always stay in and studied, he also studied before and after he did his chores. Soon he became to know more than his teacher. When he was 25 years of age he wrote a college enroll, and got in, when they found out he was African American they turned him down. When he became 30 he was accepted in a college in Iowa. He did so well at that college his teacher helped him get a transfer, to Iowa State College. At that college he studied Botany, he learned about farming and plants. When it came to that subject he was the best out of that whole entire campus. He did do many things to earn his expenses. He did things like sold hominy which was made by himself he was very unique, but he also sold clothes for his class mates. He had found an old stove in the city dump and bought it home and prepared meals for his friends. He used old wrapping paper for note books. He always used the

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