6th Grade Essay

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in an earthquake. Well I know someone who survived one that killed more than 10,000 people. Her name is Amparo Hernandez, and she is my grandma. She is an adventurous and hardworking woman and survived one of the biggest earthquake in Mexico. She was born on November 24, 1944 in Michoacan, Mexico. She lived on a farm with six boys and six girls which is a total of twelve kids. She had one dog and some birds. She went to school at La Piedad. They didn’t think school was important because they thought that only learning how to read and write was enough.When she wanted to watch tv she had to go to the corner store and pay 50 cents to watch. She had to help her mom to cook and take care of her little siblings. To live her Dad worked in the agriculture, they planted corn, vegetables and fruits. There was no water in the houses but they had a river close to the ranch that they used for all they needed , like washing the dishes, cooking and even taking baths. When she was fifteen years old she had to go to Mexico City, she wanted to go back to school but she couldn’t because she needed to work to help her parents. She had several jobs like working at a chocolate factory, electronic company and more. Her favorite one was being a waitress where she worked for18 years. She never got married but she had a daughter . She worked everyday from eight to five, and nobody took care of her daughter. My grandma’s daughter had to go to school by herself and had to wait for her when she got home. The history connection she had happened on september 19,1985 in Mexico City.There was an earthquake of a magnitude of 8.1. The earthquake started at about seven twenty in the morning when everybody was getting ready to go to work or go to school. It started on the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Mexican State of Michoacan, a distance

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