6Th Generations Of Greek Gods Essay

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5th and 6th Generations Orpheus and Eurydice This myth is the story of Orpheus and the love of his life Eurydice. Orpheus was the first great mortal poet. His music was so great that no one could ever resist it. Even though very little is known about his life before his marriage, he is recognized for sailing with Jason on the Argo. When the sailors were worn out and tired, he would play his music and they would beat the sea in rhythm. He also saved the heroes from Sirens when he played his music to drawn out the voices of them. It is not known where and how Orpheus and Eurydice got married, but no woman could have ever resisted the power of his music. But right after the wedding, Eurydice was bitten by a viper and died. Orpheus mourned after her and desperately wanted to get her back from the Underworld. He made his journey down to the Underworld, charming all the beasts by the softness of his lyre. When he met Hades, he begged him to set his wife free. Hades agreed, but on one condition. Orpheus could not look back to see if his wife was following him to the upper world. As they were making the trip back, Orpheus could not help but to look back at his wife. As a result, Eurydice slowly faded back to the Underworld. A similar story to this test of faith was of Lot in the Bible. He and his wife were forced to leave a city, but were instructed to not look back. His wife looked back, and was turned into a pillar of salt. Demeter and Persephone Demeter was the goddess of earth in the 3rd generation, and Persephone was her only daughter. Demeter loved her daughter very much, and was in terrible grief when she disappeared. Persephone had been gathering flowers in a garden, when Hades came out and kidnapped her. As a result of this, Demeter searched for her daughter nine days and nine nights. As it turned out, Zeus was aware of what had happened to Persephone

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