6 Pdr Iron Gun

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Prior to the reorganization of the American Artillery Corps in 1808, most of the guns used were either of contemporary French manufactured or were guns left over from the earlier War for Independence. By 1808, all field guns used in federal and state service has been converted to the carriage system. The United States Army decided to standardize the guns themselves. The results were three specific types. The 6 pdr iron gun, 12 pdr iron guns and 6 inch brass howitzer. The choice of sizes and materials used were simple and rational. Copper and tin, were both resources necessary to manufacture brass cannon barrels but not in great supply. The Army was quick to realize that cannons used by the United States or the Army would be dependent on European sources. The United States cast its field artillery iron, which although heavier, was cheaper and stronger. There were excellent supplies of high-grade iron ore in America and the resulting weapons rendered good service. Iron cannon foundries in Philadelphia had just developed manufacturing techniques that would result in stronger, lighter, iron cannon barrels in less time.…show more content…
This weapon was manufactured by reboring older iron guns that had worn out their bore from use. Old iron 12 pounders became 18 columbiads, possible because the thinner wall of the bore would be able to withstand the lower pressures resulting from the reduced powder charge of the 18 pounder fragmenting shell. Larger columbiads were employed to fortified fixed positions. They included the 32 pounder, 50 pounder and the huge 100 pounder, which was made by reboring the barrels of old 42 pounder French naval

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