6 Major Advantages of Russian/European Women Over American Women

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6 Major Advantages of Russian/European Women Over American Women (What the average American doesn’t know and will never hear from their politically correct feminist media) Introductory Note: As someone who has approached and met literally thousands of women in Russia/Europe and America, and who personally knows hundreds of women throughout 18 cities of Russia, Ukraine, and Europe, I can absolutely guarantee that the following six major advantages outlined here are absolutely true and testable. My website at www.geocities.com/wwu777us contains a hundred times more than enough proof of this. Please note that though I acknowledge that while certain qualities vary universally among individuals (e.g. personality, character, behavior, morality, taste), there are nevertheless big differences that do exist between countries/regions which are apparent to even the most casual observer. 1. Approachability – In general, women in Russia and Europe are a million times more approachable, easy to meet, hook up with, and bring into your social/dating circle than women in North America. This I can guarantee a thousand percent a thousand times over. In fact, the difference in approachability is greater than the average American who’s never left their country can imagine. In contrast, trying to meet and approach young women in the US often feels awkward and rude. They have strong hang ups about meeting strangers (even if they find them attractive) coupled with a pragmatic mentality of meeting people by necessity only. And when you try to meet them, they are either cold and business-like, or react in a hostile, bitchy, and conceited manner. All in all, they are the most cliquish, closed, and anti-social toward strangers in the world. Simply put, they don’t like to meet people. I'm not saying that there are no friendly women in America, but there is definitely something peculiar
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