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6 Issues for Cango Essay

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Can Go Issue Report

Issue 1: Fast Expansion.
CanGo was recently a start-up company that rose to great success. Because of this, head of the company (Elizabeth) does not have a clear understanding of how to expand. As Julian states in video 1 ‘You went from a tiny fledging backwater company to one of the largest small companies in this area”. This statement and others made by Elizabeth during this conversation implies she is not equipped to handle the company growth.
Issue 2: Untrained Employees.
This week’s videos and exercises show one employee in particular who is lacking in organizational skills. Nick was tasked with implementing CanGo’s plan for online gaming, but is having trouble. Nick has no organization for his plan which will cause delays if not addressed.
Issue 3: Unclear Goals from Management.
Warren gave Nick an important task and as a manager, Warren should know the strengths and weaknesses of his staff. Warren has worked with Nick long enough and should have known he was not organized. If it weren’t for Debbie who recognized that Nick needed help, then Nick would have not been aware of a Gantt chart.
Issue 4: Planning.
CanGo has a clear idea of what they want, but never established a plan to get there. Elizabeth has the team meet and they discuss an overall agenda, but never discuss a concrete plan on how to achieve their goals. By the end of the meeting the only real goal is that Warren will make a preliminary marketing plan, but there is no mention of other employees doing anything else. When Ethel expresses concerns, Andrew is not concerned with how to achieve the goals; just that he is more concerned with making something fun.
Issue 5: No Market Study.
Warren states to Nick “we don’t want to overestimate our customers on this”. This is in reference to possibly having an early rise in the sales of the games, but no continual market. In any of the videos, there was no mention of who CanGo wants to market their...

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