6 Degree of Separation

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Six Degree of Seperation: Event 1: Columbus discoverys the New World - 1492 Italian explorer Christopher Columbus convinced the Spanish monarchs to sponsor his voyage with three ships: the Santa Maria, the Pinta, and the Santa Clara. After six weeks of his first voyage, Columbus and his fellow seafarers stumbled upon the New World. Columbus's discovery would later lead to the Europeans colonizing on this new unknown land. Event 2: The Tready of Tordesillas - 1494 One of the first Europeans to take advantage of Columbus's discovery was the Spaniards. Since the New World offered raw materials such as gold and silver, the Spaniards were eager to start colonizing and conquering the New World. To secured their claims to Columbus's discovery, Spain and Portugal created an agreement known as the Treaty of Tordesillas, which divided the land of the New World between the two European groups. The Spaniards invaded Mexico with the goals of the three Gs: gold, god, and glory. But conflict with their former allies would later initiate the crippling of Spain's New World empire. Event 3: Protestant Reformation - 1530s During the early 1500s, Spain and England were allies. Since Spain was their ally, England took little interest in establishing colonies in the New World. After King Henry VIII broke England's ties with the Roman Catholic Church, thus establishing the English Protestant Reformation, religious conflict between the Protestant England and the Catholic Spain escalated. Queen Elizabeth I was placed on the throne in 1558, in which she would promote goals of Protestantism and seizing the Spanish naval and raiding Spainish settlements. Event 4: England's victory over the Spanish Armada - 1588 Although Spain and England were allies during the first half of the 1500s, due to religious difference, the two Europeon countries became bitter rivals. In 1588, came a
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