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Assignment Cover Name: Indra Moodley Student Number: 50891855 Assignment Number: 811629 Study Unit: PYC3705 The group I have chosen is from work. I work in the information security field for a large financial institution and I have chosen the information security induction session for new employees. At first glance this may not seem like a counseling encounter however the session is very interactive and the aim is to drive home a message and gain an understanding of how new employees understand the concept of information security. The group consists of new employees, majority of which are graduates. There are 32 individuals attending this session. While I have conducted this session seven times of the last 3 years, I still get nervous and anxious, with the normal thoughts of “will they enjoy the session “, “will the message be delivered”, “will it be a session filled with yawns “. Despite these feelings and thoughts, I know that my mission is clear, the mission to edify this group around the importance and reality of securing confidential information and protecting the clients that rely on our institution to protect them and their hard earned money. During this edification process, I hope to help this group by preventing them from becoming victims of the hoards of cyber criminals themselves. The group in front of me comprises of individuals of various ages, from early twenties to late forties. They do not have direct involvement in information security, but as a bank it is up to every employee to protect information. In the 50 seater newly renovated auditorium, I look around and take notice of the silent messages of the group’s body language. Some appear to be expressionless and closed off, with the hands crossed in front of their chest’s, others seem restless tapping their feet or pens, but amongst the group are a few who appear genuinely

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