501 Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

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In my role as Senior care worker, I work with variety of individuals including, colleagues, management, professionals, clients and their family members. The main group that I work with on day to day basis is residential clients that are both elderly. These are individuals with limited ability to understand and process infoThis sometimes causes a barrier and challenge for the staff and especially for a new staff. They generally have a short attention span, this mean that communication / information and/or instruction has to be repeated several times. For different clients all communications have to be given utilizing several methods including paraphrased in an appropriate form, gesturing physically pointing this out. Some of them use non verbal method of communication such as lip reading, body language and face expression. Therefore additional attention must be given to ensure full understanding. One of the ways that I inform our clients of up-and-coming events is to use a notice board. This is located in a frequently used part of the house and is simple written text and pictures. I also use the leaflets about events in community which I discuss individually with clients or at the residents meeting. The second group is colleagues. One part of my role is to deliver information to the staff which I do in the form of a formal handover at the end of each shift. The handovers play important part in care setting as the information can be easily misunderstand or even forgotten. One of the ways I ensure the correct methods of written shift plan. I make sure I maintain confidentiality when given handover; I make sure the staffs fully understand the information given to them. Another part of my role is to help the staff to develop care plans, a large part of that is aimed at ensuring the staff to access the residents and make the confident levels high and the frond
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