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South West Dementia Partnership Person centred support plan for people with dementia Welcome to this person centred support plan which is something you might like to try with one or two people living in your care home. The plan emphasises the need to take account of the perspective of the person with dementia and it should be completed in the first person, i.e. from their point of view. This might feel strange to begin with but it helps to create an ethos which responds to the wishes and needs of people with dementia. The guiding principle of the plan is that it should be enabling and support the person with dementia to be as self-reliant and in control as they can be. The format of this plan has been shared with the Care Quality Commission and if used correctly and kept up-to-date it should not cause problems on inspections. The format was developed in response to concerns by inspectors that care plans were not person centred and often failed to highlight risks arising from people’s physical and mental conditions. The plan has two parts: 1. "My support plan - at a glance” - a top sheet which provides a snapshot for quick reference. It aims to help people to see the person with dementia as an individual. It offers potential areas for discussion and engagement and highlights critical needs. It can be copied separately and may be particularly useful for agency staff, ancillary staff (e.g. housekeepers) and visiting agencies (e.g. ambulance staff, GPs and nurses). It can also be provided to hospital staff, dentists and others who may provide care or treatment to the person with dementia away from the care home. 2. "My support plan - in detail” - this draws upon the theories of Tom Kitwood. According to Kitwood, the experience of living with dementia is the result of a person’s neurological impairment, their physical health, their biography, their personality and the

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