5 Ways to Get More from Any Content Marketing Campaigns Essay

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People would be surprise to see how many ways you can market through social media. Scott Steinberg, the bestselling expert on leadership and innovation, tells us 5 ways to get more from any content in marketing. Scott talks about how we could enhance our marketing skills that we may already have out in the media world. If you have been blogging about your business he speaks of compiling the information into an easy and creative way to draw more consumers through an E-book format. Podcast is a way to speak to consumers and to create ways to reach out if your business is trying to promote promotions, you could remix some of your previous jobs or trainings on your podcast. Scott speaks of turning Brochure or whitepaper into important short standalone articles on online sharing and his views or, because people would rather read key highlights of your business verses long brochures. You could also create slide shows, info graphics, and photo galleries to help your business stand out more. You could showcase your business with microsites and beautiful pictures with the information you may already have out there in the media. Highlight the best part of your business on social media so people would want to be part of your business. Last but not least Scott talks about repackaging and representing your material. You may already have plenty of information on social media, but you may need to create a master roundup post. Then people can go to a one stop post and gather all the information they may need to know about your company. When a person can get all the information they need to know right at their fingertip, they will keep coming back and tell others because of the convenience. Also you can always go and update your information for your new consumers as things change. So as you can see there are many ways you can market through social media and enhance the

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