5 People in Heaven Essay

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Eddie - He is an 83 year-old man who is the head of maintenance at Ruby Pier, an amusement park. He is the main character and is killed at the park. In heaven, he meets five people whose lives had impacted his life. Eddie's Father - He drank a lot and did not show Eddie much attention or love when he was growing up. He also worked at Ruby Pier. He was often angry and mean. When he was 56 he died of pneumonia after saving a friend from drowning. The Blue Man - He was the first person Eddie met in heaven. His skin was blue because when he was little he took silver nitrate as medicine. Since his skin was blue he found a job at Ruby Pier working as a side act. He died of a heart attack when Eddie ran into in the street after a ball. The Captain - He was the second person Eddie met in heaven. He was Eddie’s captain in the war. The Captain saved Eddie's life when he shot him in the leg so he couldn’t run back into a burning hut. Ruby - She was the third person Eddie met in heaven. Ruby was the woman that Ruby Pier was name for by her fiancé. Ruby teaches Eddie how to forgive his father. Marguerite - She is the fourth person he meets in heaven. Marguerite was Eddie's wife. He met her at Ruby Pier and they got married after Eddie returned from the War. She died of a brain tumor. Marguerite was the only happiness in Eddie’s life. She teaches him the lesson that love is not lost with death. Tala - She is the fifth person Eddie meets in heaven. Tala was the little girl who Eddie thought he saw in a burning hut during the war. She is about five years-old. Tala teaches Eddie that his life did have a purpose which was to keep children safe at the pier. SETTING: The story takes place in different locations on earth and in heaven. CONFLICT There are a couple of conflicts in this story with both involving anger. The first conflict is that Eddie

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