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text publishing melbourne australia T e a c h e r s ’ R e s o u r c e K i t Five Parts Dead Tim Pegler ISBN 9781921656286 RRP AU$19.95, NZ$25.00 Fiction, B paperback Recommended for Secondary Resource Kit Contains • • • • • • Synopsis Author information Themes Language and style Discussion questions Essay and debate topics Synopsis Dan is still grieving the deaths of his mates when he’s dragged on a family holiday to a remote island lighthouse, where he feels the presence of a mysterious girl. Is she part of his hallucinations? Or has he somehow hooked into the spirit world of the past? The lighthouse logbook holds the truth about the girl’s tragic tale. And a surprising friendship helps Dan find the answers he needs to start again. Five Parts Dead is a gripping story about how a mystery from the past infiltrates the lives of teenagers today. About the Author Tim Pegler is an award-winning journalist and author. After a decade at the Age and the Australian, he now works as a website editor and freelance journalist. His first novel for young adults, Game as Ned, was a Children’s Book Council notable book in 2008. Tim lives in Melbourne. Website: www.timpegler.com.au/blog/ Themes • Survivor guilt. What is meant by this?. Why do we feel guilt when we survive a catastrophe that has destroyed others, especially if they are our friends? This guilt is not necessarily based on any wrongdoing on our part but it is very real and present just the same. Suffering and pain—not just the pain of the main characters in the book, but of people from the past who cannot rest in peace until their pain has been • • expiated. John Donne wrote ‘Every man’s death diminishes me’ and this concept, too, is explained. The far-reaching ripples of bereavement. The innocent suffer, too, and blame may be laid at the feet of the blameless. It seems that in grief we all need someone to

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