5 Paragraphs Paper On Leadership

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Today in our society, the word leadership is on every lip. Finding leaders has become one of the highest priorities in large and small organizations, from the community scout group to the top of any Fortune 500 companies. But how to define leadership and what should we be looking for in a leader? This paper is meant to be a summarized reflection of my thoughts and beliefs on these questions. I will be exploring the role as well as the human being behind it in terms of context, personality traits and semantics used in the literature and amongst the public. In all times, people needed guidance, purpose and motivation. Wars needed to be fought, obstacles needed to be overcome and life had to be protected and perpetuated. Naturally, someone stood up and people followed them. Leadership exists in that moment. Because a need was created, one or more persons recognized the opportunity and decided to act on it while people chose to follow them (Frankel, 2008). This brings out the question: “Is someone born a leader or does one work to acquire leadership qualities?” Authors in the literature seem to agree that genetics play a very little role in leadership if not at all. To cite a few, Frankel (2008) speaks of it as a journey in which the man “becomes a leader, rather than existing as one in final form.” Danby (2008) explores the development of a leader through a spiritual experience of self-discovery and expression. However, who does not remember their childhood where everyone seemed to follow this one friend wherever he went and whatever he did? Draft (2008) explains what seems to be a natural predisposition to leadership in terms of awakening its innate leadership qualities. While people let themselves be influenced in working hands in hands toward a shared goal, someone chooses to forget about themselves and lead them democratically and ethically (Brown, Treviño and

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