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Should and Will the drinking age ever be raised to 21 Introduce myself The recent incidents involving drunken acts and scenes including violence of people under 21 mainly around 18 year olds has evoked fears of issues involving alcohol and young adults. Paul Dillon’s opinion piece ‘should and will the drinking age ever be raised to 21?’ confronts the notion that the minimum legal drinking age limit be raised to 21. Although there have been talks concerning adolescent drinking, action has never been taken. In a Sceptical tone and a formal outlook he coaxes politicians and the general public that action must be taken to raise the legal drinking age, but it’s very likely not to rise. From the inauguration, Paul Dillon uses visuals to help his pursuit of coaxing the audience that the minimum legal drinking age limit be raised to 21. The first visual embedded in the text depicts a ‘young’ (sorry I’m just complying with the text) man who has clearly been in a drunken brawl. In the foreground the drunk man, with an alcoholic beverage in his hand and covered in blood, with another man attempting to restrain him. While in the background, there is a police officer who likely discussing the incident with a person who seems to be a witness/bystander during the incident. This evokes fear, shock and insecurity in the audience, hence it positions the reader to understand the situation of the fact that nobody is taking action against the issue of adolescents drinking. Which leads to the readers agreeing with Paul’s point of view. Additionally there is a second visual that is totally different and creates another reaction. The second embedded in the text at the bottom right of the page, in the foreground it portrays an adolescent person likely female lying down (probably sleeping) on the kerb, behind a black wall with a half full alcoholic beverage in their hand and an open pack
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