5 main causes of the american revolution

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“The American Revolution War” As important as the American Revolution was important to our history it is important to understand the factors, policies, measures and events that led to this event and what caused nearly 50 percent of the colonist to support the action to bear arms against their motherland and the crown and parliament of England. The following five events that we are going to study were critical in bringing about thinking and action among the colonist that united them under one cause and to fight one common enemy. Was it merely thinking that an island was ruling a continent or was it King George's taxes, and a total neglect of the original colonies across the Atlantic ocean, or finally England’s mercantilism policy that lead to the American Revolution of 1775 to 1783. Was there a straw that broke the camels back ? We are going to analyze how these sequence of events and a couple more and their influence among the colonists. We will also see how the King and parliament reacted to the colonists and the repercussions of their decisions. First of all we will analyze the financial impact among the colonies. The British colonists in America wanted to break away from England because of an unscrupulous mercantilism policy with which they all had a thought was unreasonable. Simply put the policy worked on the theme with more money, a country has more power. The English colonists lost a lot of their money to the England and the monarchy because of the mercantilism policy. It was bad deal all the way around since the colonists sold their raw materials to the mother country at ridiculously low prices and bought back the finished products at exceedingly high prices because they could not complete the finished product. The second part of the policy was that a nation must regulate its trade to sell more than it buys. This ultimately brought the Navigation
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