5 Guys Hamburgers Argument Analysis

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5 Guys Hamburgers 5 Guys Hamburgers, started in 1986 by Jerry Murrell, his wife and his four sons, began as nothing more than a small burger shack in a Virginia strip mall. Jerry started the company to give people better quality food and a different type of fast food experience. This is why 5 Guys makes their hamburgers ready-to-order with meat that has never been frozen, they offer a multitude of free toppings and the fries are never skimped on. During the beginning Jerry kept his day job while allowing his sons to oversee the shack’s operations. Jerry had always wanted to keep the company local, so he originally allowed for expansion to stretch only as far as the Washington D.C. area. This local expansion went on for the next 16 years as the quality of 5 Guys hamburgers created an earnest following. This strong following stemmed mostly from 5 Guys having such a simple and authentic vibe in addition to an exceptionally high quality of food. After the 5 Guys name started getting out it didn’t take long for one of Jerry’s sons to convince him to open the doors to franchising. The moment Jerry agreed was the moment 5 Guys expansion truly took flight. 5 Guys Hamburgers is living proof as to why popularity data isn’t completely obscuring our new paths to discovery. Many people seem to think that the most popular companies are the ones with the best type of advertisements, the longest history or best notoriety. With this in mind, one would think that Burger King or McDonalds would hold the spot of having the highest amount of growth. However, 5 Guys now holds this spot without the aid of a magazine writing about why people should go there or a billboard that says” 5 Guys Hamburgers next two exits”. In fact, 5 Guys doesn’t advertise at all. The most advertisement they ever had was when Barack Obama came to eat there while wearing a 5 Guys tee shirt. All of their

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