5. Discuss the Role of an Outside Consultant in Training.

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The role of an outside consultant in training or any other field has always been highly controversial in an organisation. When organisations need to hire outside consultants, they feel that they have in some way failed internally and that’s the only reason they will need an outside consultant. But the truth of the matter is that maybe in an ideal world an organisation would have mechanisms which would ensure that everything ran efficiently and smoothly but like in the human body we need a physician for physical problems and a psychologist for mental ones, so does an organisation need n outside consultant to ensure its success. In training the role of an outside consultant can be cut down to the following: 1. Find out the training need of the organisation. Not all organisations have employees who can devote precious time and resources to figuring out whether training is required or not. Whether this training is to solve a problem or to induce growth, an outside consultant is very helpful as he can be ready with his research in limited time as he is a dedicated resource. 2. Have an outside opinion. It is sometimes very helpful to pose your problems to a third party and hear their opinion of it. They might come up with a solution you have not thought of. In case the organisation is having some trouble with the employees and they are unable to figure out internally how to solve it, an outside consultant can be extremely helpful in making suggestions. 3. Getting to know the organisation and seeing the bigger picture. Each manager of an organisation only gets to see his own dept and not the whole organisation in entirety. Those high up may not have the time to see and figure out whether or not training is needed and what sort is. An outside consultant can get to know the whole organisation, see the bigger picture and assess training needs. 4. Work parallel with an
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