5.06 Photography Questions

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1. What is frontlighting? What is one disadvantage to frontlighting? Frontlighting occurs when the sun is behind the photographer. One disadvantage to frontlighting is that there might be a shadow in the picture and makes the picture different from what the photographer wanted in the first place. 2. What advantages does strobe lighting have over continuous lighting? Advantages are that strobe lighting gives a lot of light without getting hot, while flash lighting stays the same. Strobe lighting can be controlled and adjusted. 3. How can the time of day affect an outdoor photograph? The time of day affects any outdoor photograph by a couple ways, if the photographer wants a shadow in his picture or not. Or if the photographer wants the sun in a certain way, the picture gets a glare. 4. What are continuous lights? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? Continuous lights is a light that remain on. The disadvantages is that the lights is not balanced. Advantages are that they show the shadows and highlights. 5. What is a softbox? Why do photographers use a softbox? A softbox is a lighting device that encloses the lighting source in a “box” with a reflective back & side walls, also a front diffusing material where the light passes. Photographers use softboxes to create a soft lighting on the subject of the photo. 6. Why do photographers use umbrellas? What benefits do they offer? The photographers use umbrellas to create a light bigger when it flashes. The benefits they offer are that a shoot umbrella has light aimed through the umbrella as with a softbox. While a bounce umbrella is that the light is aimed to the umbrella then bounces back towards the subject behind it. 7. Why is it important to use artificial lighting for most indoor portraits? It is important because it can create a soft light for baby pictures or different

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