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French and Indian war The French and Indian War was a seven-year war between England and the American colonies, against the French and some of the Indians in North America. When the war ended, France was no longer in control of Canada. The Indians that had been threatening the American colonists were defeated. This war had become a world war. Great Britain spent a great deal of money fighting the war. The French and Indian War was a continuation of a series of wars that had taken place between the French and British in North America. The French controlled the Mississippi River and claimed the Ohio River Valley. They began building forts in the area. The British started to build their own fort and lead to the war.The war ended due to the fact that they needed all the approvals for the ratification. The Stamp Act In order to help cover the cost of the war between Great Britain and France, British officials began to establish new taxes in the Republic. If they didn’t pay they would be known as custom duties. In 1765 a tax was passed by Great Britain known as the stamp act. This law required all colonists to pay a tax to Great Britain on all of the printed materials that they used such as, newspapers, magazines, and even books. All of these materials were required to have a stamp placed on them, in order to show that the tax had been paid. Colonists were mad, and responded by boycotting all British goods. They also attacked officials who were sent by Great Britain to enforce the stamp act, and burned the stamps in the street. Many of the colonies sent representatives to a special meeting in New York, which they called The Stamp Act Congress, where the colonies voted and declared that congress did not have the right to pass taxes on the colonies because they did not have any representation in congress. As a result, the British congress held the stamp act just one

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